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RECURDYN CHINA signed the cooperation agreement of the "RecurDyn China University P... 2023-11-25
Report on the participation of the PhD student from the School of Mechanical Engine... 2023-11-18
Prof. Xudong Ren's Team Makes New Progress in Aerospace Composite Structure Design ... 2023-11-14
Prof. Fan Wei and Assoc. Prof. Hu Xinghao Selected for the 8th and 9th Editions of ... 2023-10-11
Prof. Fan Wei is Appointed as Associate Editor of IEEE TIM Journal 2023-07-14

The Inaugural Meeting of the Yangtze River Delta Mechanical Design and Manufacturin... 2023-07-07
Professor Zhongqiang Zhang wins International Computational and Experimental Scienc... 2023-06-02
Xinghao Hu of Jiangsu University Published a Review in Advanced Materials: Recent A... 2023-05-23
Teachers and students of the School of Mechanical Engineering participated in the 1... 2023-04-11
Teachers of the School of Mechanical Engineering Won Good Results in the Lecture Co... 2023-03-28

Associate researcher Liang Hongyu and her team published research results in the jo... 2022-11-24
Professor Sun Wan published research results on the Nature Index journal Applied Ph... 2022-10-28
the 2022 academic innovation forum of "high-end equipment and intelligent manufactu... 2022-10-12
The School of Mechanical Engineering held a "Experience Intelligent Manufacturing"... 2022-10-01
Small Methods published our non-contact sensor research results 2022-07-20
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