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Prof. Xudong Ren's Team Makes New Progress in Aerospace Composite Structure Design and Manufacturing
Date:2023-11-14   View:

On November 10, the acceptance and new product identification meeting of "Special Funds for the Transformation and Upgrading of Industrial and Information Industry in Jiangsu Province" "Aerospace Carbon Fiber Composite Material Integral Grid Structure Technology Research Project", which was jointly undertaken by Prof. Ren Xudong's team of the School of Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Seahawk (Zhenjiang) Specialty Materials Co. Seahawk (Zhenjiang) Special Materials Co. Ltd. The meeting was organized by Jiangsu Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, and representatives of Zhenjiang Science and Technology Bureau and members of the project team attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the project team reported the project content, implementation process, project results and products. The expert group listened carefully to the report, reviewed the relevant information, and after on-site inspection and discussion, considered that the project was highly innovative, the overall technology was at the leading level in China, and the overall forming technology of carbon fiber composite materials reached the international advanced level, and agreed to pass the acceptance and new product identification.

Aisino Seahawk (Zhenjiang) Specialty Materials Co., Ltd. is mainly committed to the research and development and production of composite structural parts for domestic large aircraft, and is one of the nine major suppliers of airframe structural parts for COMAC C919 large passenger aircraft. Prof. Ren Xudong's team and Aisino Seahawk established a stable cooperative relationship in 2018, and carried out a series of cooperative research around the design and manufacture of composite structural parts and composite tooling. The projects and new products completed this time are important achievements of the college's industry-university-research cooperation, and the breakthroughs in key technologies have made a positive contribution to the development of aerospace composite structural parts manufacturing technology.

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