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School of Mechanical Engineering Successfully Held a Lecture on "Interpretation of Requirements and Connotation of Accreditation Standard"
Date:2023-11-24   View:

To continue to promote the reform and standardization of teaching and learning in the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and to implement the concept of "four returns", the faculty held a seminar on 22 November 2023 in Lecture Theatre Group 110 on the theme. This activity was hosted by Professor Zhang Zhongqiang, Dean of the School of Mechanical Engineering, who specially invited General Manager Liu Liren, Professor of Industry of Jiangsu University, to give a lecture on the theme of "Interpretation of Certification Standard Requirements and Connotation", and more than 60 teachers from the School of Mechanical Engineering participated in this activity.

General Manager Liu Liren is a member of the Teaching Steering Committee for Instrumentation of the Ministry of Education, vice president of the Laboratory Instrumentation Branch of the China Instrument Society, a member of the Expert Committee for Instrumentation, and an expert of the China Association for Accreditation of Engineering Education. Master's degree in Engineering from Shanghai University, MBA from University of Queensland, Australia, successively worked in Shanghai Precision Scientific Instruments, Feiluo shares, and has received government support and project funds many times. Since 2007, he has been the executive deputy general manager of Kunshan Ultrasonic Instrument, mainly responsible for the enterprise's external-related affairs, enterprise marketing management, and enterprise internal management. Currently, he is a master's tutor at the School of Management of Shanghai University, an industrial professor at Jiangsu University, and an adjunct professor at Tianjin University, China University of Weights and Measures, and Hangzhou University of Electronic Science and Technology.

General Manager Liu Liren took the professional certification of instrumentation as an example and explained the purpose, connotation, and practice of professional certification in detail against the background of the development of professional certification in China. First of all, General Manager Liu Liren pointed out that professional accreditation of engineering education is an internationally accepted quality assurance system for engineering education and an important basis for realizing international mutual recognition of engineering education and international mutual recognition of engineers' qualifications, and that the source of motivation for accreditation should be the internal drive formed by teachers and schools oriented to output. Subsequently, General Manager Liu Liren made an explanation of the accreditation ideas and practices, such as the formulation of cultivation objectives and graduation requirements, the design of the curriculum system, the support of the curriculum to the index points, and the establishment and operation of the mechanism for continuous improvement, etc., which are in line with the characteristics of the school and the profession, the "grasping of the main line and guarding of the bottom line", the graduation requirements 3.0, and the curriculum 5.0, and so on. The accreditation ideas and practices were explained one by one. In the final question-and-answer session, General Manager Liu Liren answered questions on the implementation and evaluation of continuous improvement in professional accreditation, the connotative difference between the increasing emphasis on practical ability in undergraduate teaching and the cultivation concept of higher vocational colleges, and the establishment of the formative evaluation system.

Through this seminar, teachers of the College learned about the latest policies and requirements related to professional accreditation and strengthened their confidence in the accreditation of the College's three accredited and applicant professions, namely, Measurement and Control, Mechanisms, and Mechatronics. At the same time, it strengthens the majority of teachers' understanding of the OBE concept and the connotation of professional accreditation, raises the importance of standardized teaching management and continuous improvement, and achieves the purpose of using professional accreditation as a hand to promote professional construction and improve the quality of undergraduate personnel training.

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