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Forum of teachers and students for the mid-term teaching evaluation from department of mechanical design engineering at the second term in academic year 2016-2017
Date:2017-04-28   View:

In order to strengthen the process management and quality monitoring in teaching work, guarantee and enhance the teaching qualities as well, department of mechanical design engineering had held a forum of teachers and students at room JXA402 in 19:00 o’clock of 26/4/2017. This forum’s theme is “evaluating the mid-term teaching work at the second term in academic year 2016-2017”. Present members: Branch secretary Zhu Changshun, Dean Lu Jinzhong, Teaching director Huang Juan, Prof. GuJi’nan, Prof. Chen Ruifang and student delegates of all the classes from the freshman to the senior.

This forum was presided over by Dean Lu Jinzhong. In terms of the learning situation of student, teaching process of teacher and teaching management of school, teachers and students had communicated with each other for about three hours. During the whole forum, the air of communication is harmonious, the student delegates spoke actively and the interactions between teachers and studentsarosecontinuously.Through this forum of teachers and students, we have found some principal issues, which should be resolved immediately during the teaching process. Of course, we also obtained some valuable proposals.

By the end of this forum, Dean and Prof. Lu Jinzhong declared that he would sort out all the issues and proposals put forward by student delegates and feed back to the relevant departments in time.

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