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The School of Mechanical Engineering held the Principal's Book Donation "The Weakness of Humanity" Speech Contest
Date:2020-12-09   View:

On the evening of December 5th, the School of Mechanical Engineering held the “Book Donation "The Weakness of Humanity" Speech Contest in the lecture hall on the seventh floor of the Mechanical Engineering School Building. Organizer Du Kang of the Organization Department, Deputy Secretary of the Youth League Committee Hong Yajie, Counselor Yu Weijie, and Chairman of the Student Union Chen Hangjie attended and served as judges. There were a total of 19 contestants from various classes of the School of Mechanical Engineering. Freshmen participated in the event.

At the beginning of the competition, the contestants exchanged their thoughts after reading "The Weakness of Human Nature". Their speech ideas were different. Some combined the content of the book to share the disputes that occurred in interpersonal communication, and some combined their own experiences. The "truth, goodness, beauty" of human nature is analyzed, and some of them have an understanding of the part of building a harmonious family in the book. There were bursts of applause and a lively atmosphere.

In the end, Du Kang, as a representative of the judges, made comments on the contestants and summarized the activities, encouraging students to actively participate in the construction of the college "reading project" with full enthusiasm, creating a good humanistic atmosphere, and at the same time paying attention to details and comprehensively improving speech ability of students.

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